How can you help your learning?

Between lessons or during longer breaks, it is very important to keep your learning fresh and updated, to avoid or minimise that feeling of re-learning the same thing repeatedly. As a language learner myself, I know it is very easy to forget.
It is also important to expand the vocabulary to integrate any current or new grammar learned.

A well-known sentence that has become a proverb in Italian is:
"Non rimandare a domani quello che puoi fare oggi"
(Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today).

However, many of us as busy as we are tend to follow:  
"Non faccio oggi ciò che potrei rimandare a domani”

(I am not doing today what I could put off until tomorrow).

Joking aside, do not wait for the ‘big day’ where you think you will do a lot of studying in Italian!

A few rules can help:

Daily practise is very important, have a daily little task or as often as you can.

For example, that bit of writing during the week one day, fill-the-gap exercise the next day, this works for homework too....
Avoid doing homework just before your next lesson! 

Create your list of important words and grammar rules to remember, and make a point to look back to these notes
The writing action is by itself very beneficial for language learners, when you find something that you want to remember, a word or grammar rule, but you regularly forget, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge.
Write daily notes in Italian, or even your shopping list.

Writing and Spelling  When studying on your own and you don't have anybody checking your writing and spelling, translate into Italian words or expressions from a list you created in your language, keep it as a template, so you can test your writing and spelling skills on a separate page whenever you have time, perhaps those words that you find most difficult to remember how to spell or even just to remember in Italian.

Listening Comprehension  Listen to Italian music or other content while doing mundane chores.

YouTube is an infinite source for all sorts of material in Italian, from grammar points to fun or interesting holidays or do-it-yourself videos.
You can leave it playing in the background to familiarise yourself with the sound of Italian, and slowly you will find you can understand more and more what is being said whatever your level.
Download an audiobook in Italian to a portable player so you can listen even during your commute.

If you are listening or watching a video or an Italian film and sitting down, perhaps you can take notes of unfamiliar words or expressions to search later.
The same is when you are watching an Italian grammar lesson online, write down any new rules that you would otherwise forget.

Reading something in Italian regularly helps, but do not stop at every single word.

Trying to understand everything (although desirable) may also be 'boring' and some students may be put off from reading because they may be feeling the need to check every unfamiliar word in the dictionary. However, the Internet now allows us to perform this task in a more enjoyable way and reading becomes easier if you have easy access to an online dictionary.

There are many books in Italian, but
parallel text books are very useful (Italian on one side and for example, English, on the other).
The translation from Italian may not always be a literal translation but can help to get the meaning and the story in Italian will be easier to follow).

The Easy Readers collection caters for all levels and includes shorter versions of many classic books.

There are several popular newspapers online still available without subscription where you can read news and articles in Italian on current affairs.
You can also find plenty of exercises, quizzes and other learning material online for testing yourself and to use as a reference.

Reading something in Italian before sleeping also helps and it may send you to sleep sooner!

Speaking is the final skill all students aim to gain and improve. To complete your Italian learning, conversation skills can really be improved by talking with Italians or a teacher of Italian. However, in your daily practise, reading in a loud voice can help with your pronunciation the same as repeating words said in an audio recording.

La Fine Hope you found something above useful.


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